What are my chances of getting into UCSD?

I don’t know much about college if I’m being honest, I’m also afraid and insecure. Here’s some info about me:

GPA: 4.46 (W) 4.00 (UW)
PSAT: 1340
SAT: Just took it, waiting on score
Class Rank : 32 out of 548 (6%)
AP’s : Spanish (score:5) so far I’m taking APUSH, AP Chem and planning to take AP Literature, AP Gov Econ and AP Calc

ASB VP (going to be in ASB all 4yrs)
Club Secretary (next year I’ll be president) other club involvement too
Volunteer at hospital for 4 yrs (200+ hrs)
Student Representative for city council and other district committees/ boards
Link Crew (program to help freshmen)
Church Involvement

First Generation, Low income

I’m a junior in high school, and counselors have been saying to start thinking about college which I have. Really interested in UCSD for either a Chem or history major (very different ends of the spectrum lol)

Anything helps really :)) thank you, have a magnificent day !

I would look at the UCSD Freshman profile in August for 2018 to gauge your chances. UCSD admits into the University first then into the major, so make sure you select a 1st choice and then an alternate major. Both Chemistry and History are not capped majors which will help. Your UC GPA and SAT are both within range for UCSD so definitely within reach.

GPA and test scores of middle 25%-75% students for 2017:

High School GPA UC capped weighted: 4.04 - 4.28
ACT Composite Score: 29 - 34
ACT English Language Arts: 27 - 31
SAT Evidence Based Reading & Writing: 620 - 710
SAT Mathematics: 630 - 760
SAT Essay: 16 - 19