What are my chances of getting into UF?

<p>Im currently a sophomore in high-school in Central Florida, in IB.
Classes im taking now-
AP European
English II-Pre-IB
Spanish II-Pre-IB</p>

<p>My current un-weighted GPA is a 3.4 but I just got put on vyvanse for ADD so that should help my grades from here on out.
Weighted GPA is 4 something (im not sure)</p>

<p>In 7th grade I took the ACT and got a 23
Took the SAT the same year and got an 1140 (on the old scale out of 1600 without writing)</p>

<p>Extra Curricular-
Due to IB I also have tons of community service hours and such.
Was in Band my freshman year but quit for cross country and track this year.<br>
Run Cross Country and Track, 17:45 is my best 5k but this is my first year running.
Best mile time thus far is 4:54 but that's with cross country training and also my first year of running.
In Model UN, Philosophy club, Veterans club, Hispanic-American club, among many others. </p>

<p>I'm also a hispanic so I feel like that might help in the admissions process at least somewhat. </p>

<p>What are my chances of getting into UF from where I am right now, with the track that I'm on at the moment. (Of course my SAT and ACT scores should be higher now than in 7th grade, and my grades should go up a little bit, and my times should go down quite a bit, hopefully in the 15's for 5k, 4:20's for the mile.) What would my chances be of getting into a better school? Possibly Ivy League (although I know it's a long-shot) or Stanford, or UCLA, or Rice?</p>

<p>As a sophomore, it is WAY too soon for you to be worrying about whether you will get into UF or not. </p>

<p>These should be some of the best years of your life. Keep working hard in school, and then, at the end of your junior year, you can assess where you stand at that time.</p>

<p>I would recommend that you go to some sort of summer program in 2012.</p>

<p>I'm not too worried about this, it's just that my parents are convinced that with what I'm doing at the moment that I might not get into UF, which would be sort of a disappointment. They have been pressuring me not only to do better with my grades but also to check on here to get a sort of 'reality check' so that I do better. I'm also sort of doing this so I know whether or not to try harder because I don't want to be in a position at the end of junior year or senior year where I regret not trying as hard as I could have because I didn't get into as good of a school as I'd like</p>

<p>If you keep everything up, raise that GPA, and improve a lot on those SAT scores, I bet you'll have a very good chance at getting into UF.</p>

<p>But holy cow! Those are amazing running times! I currently run like a 6:10 mile/21:50 5k/1:49:45 half marathon, and I thought those were good!</p>

<p>yeah so far this quarter I have all A's and am hoping for a 3.6 or so, maybe 3.7 if i get lucky here and there, and obviously my SAT scores should go up when I take it next year and again my senior year. </p>

<p>How do you think my chances would be for other colleges that are maybe a little tougher to get into?</p>

<p>And yeah haha thanks, means a lot to hear stuff like that. I've really been busting my butt this year to get good. Im currently 9th on my team which is alright, we're going for a state championship this year which is always exciting and being on Varsity top 10 is pretty great. I'm thinking that if I get real lucky and work really hard and get to my goals I have a chance of getting recruited/getting a scholarship for running to a good, top tier D-1 school, especially with my grades and other extra curriculars and such.</p>