What are my chances of getting into uiuc/rescinded

So I’m a high school senior at an Illinois high school. I started off high school being a pretty unmotivated student which really made me suffer freshman and sophomore year. Although junior year my grades went up tremendously. My sophomore year gpa was a 2.9 and my junior year gpa was a 3.75, I even took an AP for the first time and got an A. I joined tons of clubs, got into the executive board of a club and even got into a varsity sport all during junior year. I’m planning in majoring in social work at UIUC, and I’m hoping that with my growth and activities I have a good shot. My greatest concern is that this year I took 3 AP classes, one of which being an AP science course (my transcript shows that science wasn’t my biggest strong suit). In most my classes I’m confident I’ll get either an A or a B, but for the AP science class I’m really worried I might end up with a D. What are my chances of getting rescinded from uiuc if I end with a D in that class, but have good grades in the rest of my classes?

I would not worry too much because of the current COVID circumstances as colleges tend to be a bit more lenient. In addition, I would seek advice from your high school counselor/advisor and see what they think.