what are my chances of getting into umass amherst?

<p>i'm a freshman at Wentworth institute of technology and i'm trying to transfer to Umass Amherst. I'm majoring in business management here and i want to do the same there. I've already applied, but i haven't heard back yet and i'm wicked nervous! I'm also a Massachusetts resident. My high school classes were mostly honors with a few regulars with one AP and my HS GPA was 3.0. what are my chances of getting in? </p>

<p>Here's my info:</p>

<p>College Academic:
GPA: 3.4
Transfer credits: 34
SAT scores: Math: 550 Verbal: 510 Writing: 470</p>

<p>Extra curricular activities:
Varsity HS Soccer
Varsity HS Track and Field
Wentworth Student government Math/Applied Sciences Rep
Club Rugby: USA Rugby National League
SIFE: Students in free enterprise (national business organization)
Academic Tutoring
Weight Lifting</p>

HS award for academic excellence in entrepreneurship 09'</p>

<p>Also, i believe my essay was very strong and so was my transfer statement.
Thanks for helping!!!</p>