What are my chances of getting into UNC Chapel Hill?

Hi I’m a senior applying to UNC Chapel Hill for early action. I just want to know how my chances are for UNC, if I do get in I will most likely go there. Below are my stats:

Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Chinese

GPA: Weighted- 5.29, Unweighted- 3.91
SAT Score: (2250) Math- 800, Critical Reading- 700, Writing- 750
Class Rank: Top 5 percentile, approximately 550-600 students in senior class
Senior year course load: AP Government and Politics, IB Further Math, Honors Anatomy, AP English, AP Psychology, AP Chinese, AP Physics 1

Debate club- all 4 years, won 3rd place award at Varsity Congress
Engineering club- 3 years (sophomore year onward), won 3rd place and nationally qualified for Children Stories (didn’t go), semifinalist for Biotechnology and Prepared Presentation
Key Club- 2 years (9th and 12th grade), just did community service
Other clubs include No Kid Left Behind and Amnesty International, both newly found clubs
Did 125 hours of community service in high school for Key Club and my church
Cashier at Harris Teeter during the summer before senior year, worked 12 weeks for 15-30 hours per week
SAT Tutor- mostly for the writing portions
Soccer- played league soccer throughout high school, all recreational 3-4 hours per week
Coauthor of research paper- spent hours helping friend work together on his research paper

No Kid Left Behind- School coordinator
Amnesty International- Committee Leader

As you can see I’m mainly relying on my grades and test scores to help me in the admission process. My extracurricular activities I believe are average at best compared to my peers. My school is a magnet school so very competitive. I’m assuming my teachers will write fairly good recommendations because both my teachers know me very well and have seen my growth in the past years. The essays that I’m submitting I would say are around average, nothing extraordinary but definitely not below par either. Just curious as to how much extracurriculars determine admission into UNCCH and what my overall chances are. Look forward to a response!

I’d say you’re a very strong candidate… good job :slight_smile:
I know UNC loves the essays generally, but if you say yours are average I think that your test scores, class rank, etc could balance that out
Are you in state? I noticed that you worked at Harris Teeter so I’m thinking so lol

Thanks for your response! I appreciate it! And yes I am in state