What are my chances of getting into UPenn?

Hey guys, I’m current high school senior about to turn in my ED application to upenn (im applying to college of arts and sciences) but I’m just anxious about it and would like some insight about my chances.
ACT: 35
Weighted Average: 97.6 (my freshmen year grades were kind of low but they got better and they were the best junior year)
Subject tests: Math II (800), Chem (790)
AP Exams: Gov, chem, physics 1, bc calc, lang (all 5’s)
Currently taking Georgia Tech Dual enrollment class, physics c, ap bio
EC’s: played violin for 12 years, spend at least 2 hours a day practicing, won 2nd or 3rd place in many state competitions, all state orchestra every year, take private lessons at university of ga;;;; rock climbing for 2.5 years, go 3 times a week for practice, place in top 10 for local climbing competitions, went to southeast regionals;;;;i volunteer at emory during the summer to play violin in the lobby every week for the patients there;;;; was a finalist for the Georgia Governer’s honors program, part of Beta club (started in junior year though) and my schools National Honor Society chapter, and class representative (but only in senior year); secretary of this music club at my school that plays music for senior homes

It might seem at first that i shouldn’t be so dramatic but the reasons i’m anxious is first, im trying to apply as a biochem major cuz im pretty good at STEM and i want to do medicine when im older, but i dont have many extracurrculars relating to science, like science olympiad or hosa. second, i don’t have many leadership positions in clubs at school, different to what many people at my school have. they’re presidents of huge clubs at my school and go to like state conventions for those and win awards etc, but I never really did that cuz i was busy for violin, etc.

I’m from GA, and penn accepts like 40ish people from here each year i think, so around half should make it in ED, but im just scared that I might seem subpar to those who are leaders of clubs at my school. Like I’ve taken the initiative to volunteer by myself and have commitments to violin and climbing, but would my one club secretary position be enough to put me in the likely applicant pool?

also im asian if that makes things slightly worse (according to the news)

Sorry this is really long I’m just actually really anxious about this right now and need feedback to ease my mind :’)

TLDR; im applying to upenn college of arts and sciences ed have good stats and many EC’s with dedication to them (violin for 12 years, rock climbing for 2 1/2, participated in many competitions for both), but i only have one school club officer position, which is secretary of one music club that volunteers. would that be enough to give me a good shot at upenn, when there are people are presidents of huge clubs and go to conventions and win awards and stuff?

I’m new to these forums so if im missing anything u guys want to know just tell me

You can only run one race: yours. There will always be people who are stronger in area x or y- and weaker in area a or b. Assuming that your GC (who knows the inside of all these applications, and who has seen outcomes in recent years) is happy with you applying ED, and the Naviance for your school looks decent, then if that’s the school that you really want, go for it :slight_smile:

thank you! one question though, what is Naviance (sorry if that’s a dumb question)

sorry! Naviance is a software system that lots of schools use to track the outcomes of college admissions within a school. If your school doesn’t use it, your GC is the one to give you an idea of how students with your overall package from your school do on college admissions.

Overall: take a deep breath & once a decision is made leave it be. Figure out a couple of things that you will do every time you worry about admissions outcomes: something physical (go for a run?), something productive (make a casserole / bake some cookies), something for somebody else (household job for your family?). Get some specific things ready & use them often!

Collegemom3717 - I found the guidance counselors weak across the board at my school. My counselor is the dept chair and truly knows very little behind state school requirements. I’m grateful for the insight on these threads - has helped keep me sane!

They don’t have to be particularly good: they should be able to tell you whether students with similar stats from your school have been successful at getting into UPenn. But, if they are unhelpful, take the dive!