What are my chances of getting into UT Austin

So I’m currently an incoming senior and I go to an early college High School and I’m taking 4 college classes during the summer so my GPA by the time I apply should be a 3.6 or 3.7 I have a low SAT score of 940 but I don’t see myself getting that score up by that much because I am absolutely horrible at math I’ve tried studying and I still get my low score, Extracurriculars include
Student Body Government — President
Alpha-Active Knights — member
Future Business Leaders Of America — member
Video Game Club - Vice President
COMET Program - Volunteer
Asian Appreciation Club - Member
No Knights Left Behind - Mentor
Academic World Affairs - Team Captain
so what do y’all think my chances are of getting in?

P.S my major would be Government

What is your rank? I assume you have access to a GC who will have explained all this?

my rank right now 71 out of 95

As you must already know, it will be futile, focus on schools you can get into. Do you have a budget? Are you in commuting distance to any campus? This early college issue, will it create problems if you have too many credits? In reality you would be a good CC pick but I am not sure what your current trajectory gives you. The very idea you take 4 college level classes over summer seems like madness. Are you passing your jr year classes? What grades did you get in which classes?

Oh yeah my college classes are a lot easier than my high school classes and all my college credits will transfer last semester I made 3 As and 2 Bs I took HIST ENGL and speech communication government and sociology college classes and I passed them with flying colors

Im gonna graduate with my associates when I graduate High School

You have no chance of getting admitted.

Does your school have a direct connection to a nearby college? Find out where students tend to go. UT takes the top ~6% from Texas schools, then other students with stellar records and much higher SAT scores. Many top 10% students at my DDs school were passed over. Anyone not in the top 6% is iffy and I’m sorry to say that while you can apply, it is highly unlikely. You need to identify 4-5 more likely options, and chase those down. Best wishes to you!

Have you talked to a GC? How many transferable to 4 yr credits will you have when you finish HS?

all of my credits would transfer to UT Austin

the only reason I ask is that last year my friend who was 80 in a class of 97 who got the same SAT score and lower GPA (3.1) no extracurriculars got accepted to UT Austin He told me he just wrote amazing essays when applying

OK. Do your best on your essays and have an English teacher work with you. Try your best and tell your story.

Honestly, unless you think you can pull your grades, ACT/SAT scores, and other academic stats drastically, doing a year at a community college can do you good. Not having to send in those ACT/SAT scores can make a big difference, and UT would focus more or exclusively on your grades at community college. You seem to have a lot of extracurriculars which is good, and having leadership positions helps out too. Writing good, meaningful, essays would do you a very big favor when applying too––both as a freshman applicant and a transfer.

Or… Your friend was “capped”, sent to another campus from a year and promised a place in a liberal arts major at UT Austin if he met x and z academic criteriaw and he shortened it to “I got in”. (This is very common!)
Or he lied because he left ashamed and didn’t want to admit the truth. (Surely you can check social media - if he’s attending Austin CC or UTSA, here’s your answer).

What’s your EFC?
What major are you interested in?

He’s actually attending UT Austin