what are my chances of getting into UVA? UNC chapel hill? Vanderbilt?

<p>I am currently a junior in a high school in NC. (white male)
honors geometry B-
honors biology: B
honors world civilizations: B+
College Prep English: B-
Gym: A+
Doc Prep: A+
Italian 1: A-
Sophmore Year:
honors chemistry: A
honors Algebra 2: B
honors english: A
marketing: A+
honors us history: A-
Italian 2: A-
AP Psych: A+
AP Chemistry: B
honors english: A-
honors italian: A-
AP US history: B+
honors Pre Calc: A-
SENIOR YEAR: i will most likely be taking honors or AP english, AP Bio, AP stats., maybe AP calc.,heath, and honors physics
Sat score: 2080 could bump to 2180 & Expecting all 4 and 5s on ap exams
approx. 104 weighted average
Extra stuff: 3 year member of FBLA
competed at the state conference for DECA
member of TEAR (teenages engaged in acts of recyling)
had over 200 hours working in our school store
volunteer at two local hospitals approx 500 hours
worked 4 years at my dads medical practice
volunteer at local homeless shelter
founder/head of a snow removal business
Move donated fornature to homes of inter-city families stricken by poverty
2 year member of national honor society
3 year member of tennis team: 2 varsity letters
2 year member of basketball team:2 varsity letters
volunteer for program called hoops and homework at out local ymca
took a summer mission trip to boston for a week: worked with homeless/poor people
went to the bahamas over the summer on a missions trip: worked with haitain refugees, building a church/home as well as running a VBS for the local kids
went to volunteer at the bowery in NYC woking with the homeless
parking attendent at my church</p>

<p>Your likely at all of them, very likely. Those are hard schools to get into, but when your weighted GPA over 100 and you have EC's like that, you will be fine. If you can get the SAT's up above 2100 that's great, but I think you have an excellent shot even without it. </p>

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