What are my chances of getting into UWCs?

I am Atharwa from Bhopal, India and I am going to apply to UWCs in 2022. I am currently a 10th grader. I will be applying for 2 years of IB program.

My stats(CBSE)- 9th grade- A2
10th- I’m currently a new 10th grader but I will get 95+ because I think that I am going a lot of hardwork.

Extracurricular- I am an athlete and STEM person.
– Cricket for 5 years. I have played for my Club team and school team. I am an Under 14 Bhopal division player(2019-20). I was the captain of my club team at many matches. Won 4 player of the match award and 1 player of the tournament. I’m a Wicket keeper/Batsman.

– Computer programming/Robotics/STEM- I am currently making a website where I will teach programming languages. Its mission is to teach programming to all the people of all ages regardless of money. I believe that technology must be accessible to all. The content will be all free there
– I have created 4 robots

  • Linefollower car
  • Automated gardner system.
  • Smart walking stick
  • Burglar alarm

– School- At my schools I’m involved in Student council, debate and Science club.

My UWC choices are-
Mahindra College(UWC, India)
Pearson College(UWC, Canada)
Atlantic College(UWC, Wales, England)

Chance me.