What are my chances of getting to the following colleges?

University of Miami (ED1)
Emory University (ED1)
U. Wisconsin (EA)
Northeastern (EA)
U. Maryland (EA)
UMass Amherst (EA)
Binghamton (EA)

I live in NYC
Dual curriculum school (english and hebrew subjects)
GPA (unweighted): 3.82
Super-scored ACT composite: 31 (not super-scored: 30)
Senior year classes: (AP) Honors AB Calc, (AP) Honors environmental science, economics, writing workshop, robotics, and 4 hebrew subjects.
ECs: yearbook (4 years- and now i am head of layout), head of charity club, volunteered at a pre-school for 2 years, basketball team in 9th and 10th grade, sleep-away-camp counselor, and others ECs that are less important

My school does not offer APs until senior year, and does not have class rankings.

How did you get your guidance counselor to sign off on two ED applications? And the odds of acceptance to the other schools are irrelevant. The ED contract you signed with Emory says you must attend there if accepted. So does the contract you signed with U Miami. Hope you aren’t accepted by both because you will have to ask out of a binding contract at one. Of course it also says that you are not allowed to apply anywhere else ED

move this to the chance page.
and I hope you did not or don’t play to apply to two schools ED1.