What are my Chances of Making it into these colleges?

I am applying to these colleges:

University of California Berkeley
Purdue University
Penn State University
University of Michigan
University of Illinois
Princeton University
Virginia Tech
MIT and Stanford (These two are if I get blessed lol)

Here are my activities and academic information:

GPA: 3.9/4.0
Ranking: Top 5%
SAT: 1470 Super scored(770 Math and 700 English)
ACT: 32 Super Scored(34 STEM and 30 English)
AP Tests: 5 on AP Calculus, 5 on AP Euro, 4 on APUSH and AP English, 3 on AP Chem (I am not submitting that but I still got an A on the course during the school year)

Courses I am taking Senior Year(this year):
AP Stats
AP Calc BC
AP Physics C (Mechanics)
AP English
AP Comp Sci
AP Government and Politics
*School doesn’t allow us to take AP science courses until the Honors course is Taken

Did a summer program at Brown University related to renewable energy
Self-taught Python and Java on Linux, and also worked with MongoDB
Went to DECA Internationals (Business Club) 2 consecutive years
Taught Autistic kids tennis over summer as a volunteer (70+hours)
Experience working with robotics and designing projects
Worked a tennis coaching job
Played Varsity tennis for school and was projected to make districts before severe chest injury
Went to States to play tennis with a club
Distinguished Honors up until now
Part of the National Honors Society

Majors Interested in: Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical (Robotics Focused) Engineering
I want to do both as a double major

I think you will be competitive at many of these schools but they are all reach and matches. The OOS acceptance rates for engineering at the flagships on your list are tough Add some safeties.

Are all of these schools affordable?


UC’s do not superscore so what are your Highest ACT and SAT scores from a single sitting? You are definitely competitive for both UCB and UCLA but consider them Reach schools.