What are my chances of these schools..

<p>Hi, I'm a Asian male from California. I have bad test scores.. decent grades, but I have great ECs and my essays will be pretty good..
Low income family</p>

<p>SAT scores: 1550 (510 reading 480 writing 540 math)
Retaking in december. Will be my 4th try, :(<br>
SAT sub: taking math 2 and APUSH
ACT: 24 composite
taking again decemeber.</p>

<p>GPA: 4.03(Weighted)
3.7 (Unweighted)
UC GPA: 4.2
Class rank 23/640
Projected GPA fall semester 4.67</p>


<p>8 AP classes over 4 years
1 sophomore year (AP EURO)
4 junior Year (AP English Comp, APUSH, AP CALC, AP STATS)
3 senior year (AP Lit, AP Econ, AP Gov) </p>

<p>5 Honor Classes </p>

<p>AP Scholar </p>

<p>Attended UCLA Summer High School Enrichment Program 2011</p>

ASB Athletic Commissioner
Student Government Class
Attended Camp Royal; A leadership camp (Were selected based on grades, and interview process)
2 Years Varsity Basketball Captain
Founder and President of Red Cross Youth Club
Link Crew
Head Coach of a youth basketball team</p>

4 Years Varsity Basketball Team
4 Years Tennis Team (3 Varsity)
CSF Club (4)
Asian Club (2)
Art Club (1)
Red Cross Youth Club (Founder/President)
Gay Straight Alliance Club
ROP Business/ Entrepreneur Class
National Spanish Honor Society
Interact Club</p>

<p>Volunteer Work/Jobs
Worked from an early childhood at Toap Garden Chinese Restaurant to present
Volunteer Head Coach Youth Kiwanis Basketball
Volunteer Coach Lil’ Hoopsters Basketball (4 years)
Volunteer at United Way Fresno County Book Drive</p>


<p>Block S (Awarded for students obtaining a 4.0 or above throughout the school year)
Scholar Athlete<br>
Varsity sports participation
National Honor Society
2012 Fresno Bee Academic All Star </p>

Throughout high school, I have never been the one to shy away from a challenge. I have taken the most rigorous courses in the past 4 years, from Honors to APs, while at the same time being able to balance my time from being a two sport varsity athlete, to various clubs, volunteer work, and at the same time, helping out my family owned restaurant. If you don’t know, my brothers have graduated and left Sanger only to leave my mom, dad, and myself. A three-person business is never the easiest work around.</p>

<p>Following in the footsteps of my brothers is one thing I’d like to accomplish. After I graduate from college with hopefully either a business or economics degree, as they both have one of these, I’d like to start another family owned business away from the food industry. </p>

<p>Leadership. If there’s one thing that defines me, is my ability to lead a group. Going to a camp just to learn leadership qualities, is being a committed leader. From being varsity team captain on the basketball team, to founding, and being the president of the Red Cross Youth Club takes time and commitment that all leaders must have. If Bruce Kleckner, the director at the leadership camp, has taught me anything, it is you can’t be a leader without followers. Taking action is one step as a leader. If I were to be lazy and quiet in school, I don’t know where I would be in life. </p>

<p>Intended major: Undecided. Probably Business or Economics</p>

UC Berkeley
UC Davis

<p>Pleaseee helpppps</p>