What are my chances of UCSB, UCSD, UCD

<p>I am a senior attending a new small school with currently 600 kids enrolled. We have only a few classes, and as a Junior I took as many APs as a I could. Which were only 2 available. My weighted GPA is a 3.94 and unweighted around a 3.71. I believe my UC GPA is around the same as my weighted.
AP Physics A (score 5 B+ first sem A second sem)
AP Calculus AB(score 5 A both sem)
I also did good on subject tests
800 SAT Physics Subject test
780 SAT Math II Subject test (taken the second time)
ACT score 27 taking the first time, going to take it again this weekend aiming for around a 31.
SAT score 1770 (not sure if I am going to take again)</p>

<p>I also took college english and college history, so I have college credit for those classes, although I'm not sure if that helps.</p>

<p>This senior year I took the most rigorous course I could, taking 3 APs. AP Comp Sci A, AP Stats, AP bio.</p>

Took a coursera free algorithms 1 course from princeton and passed with a B.
President of schools new Tech club.
Participated in Math club.
One of the top 3 scores in the AMC 10 from my school(don't know my score)
Quite a bit of community service hours from the local temple.
Part of the Tech Team(separate from Tech club) which handles school provided computers and other technological necessities within the school</p>

<p>If I do manage to get perhaps a 31 what are my chances of UCSB for Computer Science and UCSD/UCD for mathematics?
If I dont manage it, what are my chances as well?</p>

<p>Thank you for your opinions. If you need more information about me please ask and I will reply.</p>

<p>I know an AIME qualifier with a 2170 SAT score and a capped UC GPA around 3.8. He was rejected by UCB, UCLA, UCSD, UCI, and UCSB, but he was accepted by UCD. I do not think he is top 3 for AMC in our school, though.</p>

<p>I am super jealous of him because he was accepted by UCD, despite having much lower stats than mine. I have a 4.00 capped UCGPA and a 2300 SAT score. I was rejected by UCB, UCLA, UCSD, and Cal Poly SLO. I was waitlisted by UCD and UCI. I was accepted by UCSB, but UCSB is not as selective as UCD and UCI.</p>

<p>Aim for an SAT of 2000+ or ACT of 30+ and you should have a good chance for UCSD/UCSB/UCD. Write stellar essays and Good Luck</p>

<p>I think UCSB, UCI, UCD are in the same selectivity.
You might be ok with UCSB and UCD.</p>

<p>match with all good work
<a href=“http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1685346-chance-me-for-the-csus.html?new=1”>http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1685346-chance-me-for-the-csus.html?new=1&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;