What are my chances of umich? Sophomore Transfer

Hi everyone! I am currently attending MSU and I’m looking for a change. I was not happy at MSU for various reasons and I have always wanted to attend U of M’s nursing school. I have also taken classes at WCCCD to be eligible for the transfer program. I have applied to start Summer 2021. Anyone have similar stats or can tell me how good my chances are? Thank you!

:sparkles:High school stats: 3.7 GPA, 26 ACT (I believe they are not really looking at standardized test scores)
:sparkles:MSU Stats: 40 credits for my first two semesters, my first semester I got a 3.83
:sparkles:MSU extracurriculars: I am part of NSA and Circle K
:sparkles:Experience: I am a volunteer at Beaumont hospital and I participate/organize blood drives
:sparkles:Transfer essay: I believe they are pretty strong. I talked about a very personal experience and how it shaped who I am.
:sparkles:Demographics: 19, Caucasian, Female

Hey! Did you end up getting accepted?