What are my chances of USC?

<p>Hi I am a senior and was wondering what my chances of getting into USC (southern cal) are? I am from Colorado and I am part Japanese. My resume is very strong except for one lurking variable: My ACT Score. I got a 26 and I know that is below their bottom 25%. I had high marks in math and science but low scores in reading/english. I plan to major in business administration.</p>

<p>I have a 3.84 unweighted GPA, 4.2 weighted. I am ranked in the top 10% out of a graduating class of around 256. I have taken all AP and honors classes through out high school. My extra curricular activities are as strong as everyone else's, National Honor Society, Student Senate, church involvement, etc. I have over 200+ volunteer hours in four years. I have work experience over the last four years as well. I have taken Japanese and Spanish in high school as well as Jazz band. I have played club ice hockey for four years as well. Recommendations from my teachers were very strong. I also feel like my essay was very strong, I adressed briefly how my low ACT scores show that I am a hard worker.</p>

<p>I also had an interview with a USC representative in November and I feel as though I did very well and impressed the interviewer. </p>

<p>I have already gotten into University of Colorado (in-state), University of Arizona (with scholarship), Loyola Marymount (will most likely get scholarship), and TCU (will most likely get scholarship). </p>

<p>What do you think my chances are?!</p>

<p>Also National AP Scholar by collegeboard. First generation college student!!</p>

<p>USC tends to value SAT/ACT scores pretty highly and looks favorably on higher scores. Your 26 is well below their average and even the 25th percentile. Your GPA is in range and ECs seem good enough, but it's still a reach given your ACT.</p>