what are my chances of

<p>getting in to any of the following business schools for fall 2012 at,
Boston college
Boston university
Northeastern university
Penn State
Texas A&M
UT Austin</p>

<p>My current gpa is a 4.0 with micro- and macro-economics complete (both with A's),(will be in the process of completing accounting and finite math when i apply this spring)
I'm on the leadership board for the volunteer center,
involved in SIFE (students in free enterprise organization),
and plan to be in the business honors program by the time my application is submitted<br>
also have professional work experience in the marketing field.</p>

<p>What are your test scores?</p>

<p>My SAT and ACT?
The only school that looks at them, is BU and BC, but there decent, not spectacular by any means.
I was leaning toward Smeal, what do you think my chances of getting in there are?</p>

<p>and I know that BC only takes in around 18 transfer students for carroll school of business.
think i have a chance in transferring in?</p>