What are my chances on getting accepted to UNLV?

I am a High School senior. I have a 3.625 (UW) GPA, top 25% of my class (out of 700+ students), and got 1000 on the SAT…but I am retaking it this October.

I’ve taken 3 dual credit courses, 2 AP, taken all the health/medical field classes my school offers, and a candidate for Academic Honors, STEM Honors, CTE Health Honors. Also receiving a lot of awards and achievements throughout my HS career.

Extra Curricular: HOSA - Future Health Professionals (VP for 2 years), Biotech Club, Asian Cultural Club, Chinese Cultural Club (President), in my sophomore year I created a club that focused on interactions with the special needs…additionally, in my freshman year I was in Interact Club and Student Council.

A multitude of volunteer service at my local hospital (120+ hours), child watch (60+ hours), and much other health-related volunteering.
I’ve also worked in the same place for almost 3 years now.

What are my chances on getting accepted and receiving any UNLV scholarships?