What are my chances on UCs?

GPA: UW:4.00
Rank: 28 out of 835
Above are my information through Freshman-Junior combined.

I didn’t take any honors or AP classes until I was junior and I am currently a senior. I took total of 9 AP classes including this year, my senior year.

SAT: 2150

SAT 2: Math 2- 800
US history- 790
Physics- 690

AP English Lang- 3
AP Physics- 3

No sports, no ASB, and 2 club, but not in any high positions
Few extra curricular activity.

intended major: computer science

What are my chances at UCSD/LA/Berkeley.

Is your WGPA your UC GPA? What abput EC’s?

no, it is not uc gpa.

You may get into UCSD as an undeclared. Add UCI because it also has very good CS department.

Are you instate?

SAT score is not competitive for those schools in the impacted CS major.

No ECs makes it even tougher. They will wonder how much time you had to spend, in getting that GPA, without any outside activity investment when compared to students with better scores, jobs, sports, Eagle Scouts, soup kitchen and hospital volunteering, etc. They need students who wont sit, in the room, all day studying.

If you are OOS, then the UCs will cost $55k+ per year. No financial aid, for the California public schools, to OOS students. :frowning:

Did you take a yearlong course in visual and performing arts? That’s the “f” requirement.

About what SAT score would be considered competitive? And yes, I am instate and took f course

I think about 2250+. Do you have any volunteer hours, UCSD seems to like that. UCLA likes ASB.

Well, I got to sign up for Nov SAT.

For that major, at Berkeley, to be safe 2300, because you have no ECs.

LA and SD, 2250+

Again, without a passion demonstrated in your ECs, average AP scores in physics and English, it will be tough.

You’re going to have to make up for your lack of activity through an amazing essay. Note how Berkeley admits it’s students under the holistic review:


I do have volunteer hours. In church, I teach Korean language to Korean children who doesn’t speak Korean well. And I got an award from California Legislature for participating in the “1st Annual Next Generation Seminar of the Korean School Association of America.” Assemblywoman’s name is Young Kim.


You have a chance at UCSD but UCLA and UCB will be tough. I agree that UCI or even UCD would be good Match schools. Also consider a safety or 2.

Good Luck

I think you still have a chance for UCSD. Your stats are not bad at all, though I agree with aboves on rather low SAT score.
May be try ACT?

The volunteer hours should be above 300 hours to make a difference. I’m saying this based on the old point system which they no longer use. You get some credit if it’s 150 hours but over 300 hours you get max credit.

Also, do you guys think that mathematics is a good major to consider?

UCSD has Match/CS or Cognitive Science which has lots of CS classes.