WHAT ARE MY CHANCES? Open to Everyone!

<p>I've seen that there are many WHAT ARE MY CHANCES? Threads and so i thought, to save space, just have everyone who has a question about their chances of future colleges to submit here. And whoever is here will respond with the verdict of your chances.</p>

<p>Include: residence, ethnicity, schools applying to, cumulative GPA, SAT/ACT/AP scores you will be sending (or the best scores), challeging courses taken or are taking (AP, IB, college in the high school, etc.) and extracurriculars.</p>

<p>Chance me?</p>

<p>RESIDENCE: Washington State</p>

<p>ETHNICITY: Filipino</p>

1. University of California: Santa Cruz
2. University of San Diego
3. University of Washington
4. Seattle University
5. Rollins college
6. University of Hawaii at Manoa
7. Seattle Pacific University</p>

<p>CUMULATIVE GPA (freshman year to junior year): 3.93</p>

<p>SAT SCORE: 1560
AP LIT EXAM: 3</p>

AP lit, AP comp, AP environmental science, AP psychology, Japanese 3 & 4 (college in the high school) and UW Precalculus (college in the high school)</p>

Freshman Girl's Basketball Nov. 2008 - Feb. 2009
National Honor Society May 2011-present
Elementary tutor/teacher assist. April 2010 - present
Youth Ambassador (board of 10 students serving as the voice for my hometown, attempting to get the youth's issues involved in local gov.) April 2011 - present
Experience Music Project volunteer April 2011 - present</p>

Amnesty International Member Nov. 2010 - present
Schools for Kenya Member Oct. 2011 - present
Interact Member (volunteer club) Oct. 2010 - present</p>

<p>EXTRA DETAILS: over 200 hours of community service.</p>

<p>Can someone please respond...I really need to know even if i don't have a chance....</p>

<p>You need to get your SAT and ACT scores up if you really want to be considered for UCSC USD and UW. SU is a match if you get your SAT up a bit. Extra curriculars are decent, but it would've helped if you can get in some leadership positions. SPU you're pretty much in. If your essays are good, and you get your SAT scores up, you should be good for UW.</p>

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<p>Chance me back please?</p>

<p>Santa Cruz and Washington are probably the toughest schools for your test scores from my limited knowledge. However I wouldn't disparity too much, you have good grades and excellent extracurriculars for the schools on your list. Though you probably won't get into every single school, I'd say you have a shot at all of them and will be happy with your results. Best of luck!</p>

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