what are my chances/options?

<p>I'm a junior going to high school in southern Arkansas. My school is less than challenging, and under performing. I am currently number one out of a class of about fifty, which isn't particularly impressive, I know. I currently have a 30 composite on the ACT...but hope to get at least a 32 in the next couple of times I take the test. My extracurricular activities are not large in amount, but I hope to improve this.</p>

<p>I'm just wondering what my chances are of getting in to Vanderbilt or Rice....and if these chances are slim, I'd like to know what I can do in the next few months to improve my chances. Also, I'd be open to hear about any other college choice options I may have.</p>

<p>Also, are their any particularly good universities in Arkansas?</p>


<p>Getting that 32 is really going to help. Try and see if your school will let you self study AP classes.</p>

<p>Well last year I took AP world history and made a 4. This year I'm taking AP US history and hope to make at least a 4. No AP english class is available for juniors here. Next year I'm taking AP LIT, AP Chemistry, and AP calculus ab...</p>

<p>So that will be a total of 5 AP classes. Is that enough? That's everything my school has to offer...so should I try to take more? My unweighted GPA right now is a 4.0.</p>

<p>Also...would it be in my best interest to also take the SAT?</p>