What are my chances? Please help?

<p>I want to go to Boston University. I love the atmosphere there, and quite honestly I dont think Id be able to get into BC.</p>


<p>My GPA is a 3.56 unweighted, 4.5 weighted. Freshmen year I got a 3.6, with 4 honors classes since AP classes are not allowed to be chosen by Freshmen at my school. Sophomore year was disastrous. My GPA was real low - 3.1. I suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. My dad died from brain cancer, mom had a heart attack and my grand mom developed Alzheimer's. It was just so damn hard to concentrate on school, and sometimes I didn't even have time for homework. I put family first. Junior Year was my highlight - 3.85, 4 AP Classes, 1 honors. </p>

<p>SAT - 2050</p>

Made it to nationals in DECA - a big business competition (hopefully they will highly upon that since I want to major in business)
FBLA - made it to states
Varsity Debate Champion for 3 years - 1 of 4 members
Ultimate Frisbee Team (haha, geeky sport I know)
French Club
Poetry Club
I manage a team for the Race for Hope, which raises 2000 dollars every year
Volunteer at Senior Citizen Home
Volunteer at a mentally challenged place - Help kids with disabilities play sports
Volunteer at Kindercare</p>

<p>Also, money isn't a problem for me. My mom makes 100,000 dollars plus. and my dads salary was around 50,000 so money isn't really an issue.</p>

<p>And..I'm Jewish haha, if that counts for anything.</p>

<p>Not many people making $100K can afford to pay over $50K of it each year for college. Are you sure money isn't an issue?</p>


<p>Didnt you just post this under the UMDCP thread?</p>