What are my chances??! please help

<p>I'm an Asian who moved to the States about three years ago, with the start of the high school..
My unweighted GPA is 4, and the weighted is 5.77/6
My counselor wouldn't tell me my rank, but I'm sure I'm within 3rd place out of about 260 people.
My first SAT score came out to be 2100, and I retook it this October, which I think I did much better on..</p>

<p>I've taken ..
AD precalc, AP calc (AB/BC), AP Stat, AP Multivariable Calc
Bio A, AP Bio, AP chem, AP physics
4 years of A lev english
spanish 1, 2, 3 and AP (I skipped one this year through summer project + exam)
Politics A, Geography A, Us History A, AD World Civ

<p>I've been doing a lot of music related activities, participating in auditions, many chamber ensembles.. once getting first chair in regionals.
I've done tennis and a few other school clubs.. I've also volunteered at a hospital for 3 years now, and hold concerts at senior centers every month..
I've also went on a Spain exchange, and had a concert tour in Austria..
Oh I'm also in math, language, national honor societies..</p>

<p>I know these are not a lot, but it took time until I learned about joining clubs and such..
Do you think Yale or other Ivy league schools would take the fact that I've moved here quite recently into consideration?
and do you see any chance of me getting in?? :P</p>

<p>Helpppp :)</p>

<p>The short answer is no, they will not take it into consideration. So my advice to you is: you must bring up your SAT to at least 2200 to have a chance. Other than that, write about your true passions in your essays. Good luck!</p>