What are my chances please?

Hi. I am a High School Senior boy this year at a mid-sized public school in Central NJ and would really love to apply to Notre Dame. I have been wanting to go to Notre Dame since I was 5. Anyway, can you guys chance me?
Freshman: 3.71
Sophomore: 3.88
Junior: 3.86

Honors/AP from Core Classes:
Freshman: 2 Honors
Sophomore: 3 Honors
Junior: 2 Honors/2 AP
Senior: 2 AP

800 M, 720 W, 710 CR

4 years of High School Lacrosse (goalie),
4 years on Nationally Awarded Robotics Team (Finance/Marketing member),
Eagle Scout,
250 hours of Community Service in High School,
First Aid and Lifeguard Certified,
1 year as Junior Commodore at Yacht Club Junior Program.

School will not give rank, although I’d be Top 10% in a 300 person class.

Likely would go into Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical or Petroleum) or Business so please also suggest other options for me to consider. I can also chance you back.

Also, I am a catholic, if that helps, and I am caucasian

You look like you would be a good candidate. You posted unweighted GPA, but what is your weighted one? How have you done in your difficult classes? Your AP’s? If you are a senior, then you are likely applying now. I would reach out to your regional rep for ND. Write excellent essays-try to find something unique. (not that you have wanted to go to ND since you were 5!) Maybe key in on the eagle scout, and what your final project is/was. Try to make your entire application “make sense”-highlight the activities that give support for what you want to do. Make your essays match that.

Also, did you take the ACT? Just a thought, that you might get a higher score on this test, though your test scores are good.

Best of luck!

Thanks Irishcali My ACT was a 28 so I won’t send it. Weighted GPA is a 4.28. Also, my Eagle Scout Project was building a trail in my town, but I had 3 previous ideas rejected. Could that be a good essay start?

Yes! Not necessarily that you had three ideas rejected (I’m not a fan of using anything negative in essays!) but I would surely do one about your trail, building on the community service aspect. A lot of ND students do service-all over the place, but you took the lead on one, from start to finish and that is different. If it was a passion for you, then use it. Your weighted GPA is great. AP scores? Try to build a full “package” on yourself~awards, grades and your academic intentions. Then market yourself. Get in touch with your regional ND rep. They can really help!

You are a viable candidate for Notre Dame. Good luck! D is a freshman this year at Notre Dame

Thank you guys so much. I hope I get in. I’ll be sending my app soon

I’d say you have a pretty good shot. The only thing that worries me about your app is your strength of schedule (which is a good thing if your schedule is the only low point). The only reason I say that is that I have 4 (Counting both semesters of Physics as their own class) AP classes this year with 1 honors, and I had 4 AP last year (Counting AB and BC as their own class) with 1 honors class. Maybe your school offers less AP than mine, but the only reason I express concern is that I’m sure people have harder schedules than I do. However, your SAT is great, so I would imagine that your score will help level things out. Best of luck!

You’ve got a good chance, but you could have taken more APs. Chance me, please?