What are my chances? Portfolio advice would be great appreciated as well!

Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Asian (Chinese)
Resident of: New Jersey

High school: Hasbrouck Heights Public High
Weighted GPA: 4.3326
Class Ranking: Top 20%
SAT Score: 1930 (Critical reading: 710, Math: 540, Writing: 680)

Extra Curricular:

  • Multicultural Club
  • Art Club
  • Pilot’s Log (My school’s newspaper/magazine club)
  • Key Club
  • Volunteer work at my church’s vacation bible school for children
  • Piano classes
  • Taekwondo classes

AP classes: Studio Art, Psychology, Language and Composition, Literature and Composition

AP scores: 3 for Language and Composition and I didn’t take the test yet for Psychology and Literature and Composition

Honors: American Literature, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Physics

Language Classes: I took 2 years of spanish and can speak and understand an average amount of Chinese as I speak it at home and sometimes at church. I know that it’s recommended to take more years of a language in high school, but mine only offered Spanish and Italian, and I planned to learn Japanese as well as improve my Chinese in college, so I thought that it wouldn’t help me.

Schools that I’m applying to: TCNJ (Early Decision), Pratt (Early Action), Rutgers (Regular Decision)

Recommendation letters: Expecting 3 for TCNJ and 2 for Pratt

Essay: I’m getting a lot of help from my SAT instructors and English teachers, so I think it should turn out ok.

Majoring in: Interactive Multimedia (Animation or Electronic arts(once I figure out what that is) for Rutgers)

  • I'm not really interested in Rutgers, but as both my aunt and my dad went there, I'm using it as a safe school.

Portfolio help please?: My high school didn’t have any digital media classes, so the only things I have available to put into my portfolio are digital drawings I did on my own time and traditional drawings I did for school. I also have a wip visual novel with slight otome game elements that I’m working on with a friend. If I rush it, I can make a demo ver. before the deadlines, but it’s very amateurish in my opinion. Here are my questions: Should I include it anyway? About how much/how many works should I include in my portfolio? What are each of the schools or schools in general looking for in a portfolio?

I don’t know if it helps or makes a big difference, but I forgot to add history to the honors section.

I don’t understand how you can apply early for both TCNJ and PRATT.

I can because they’re different/mean different things. Early decision is like a contract, meaning that you absolutely have to go to that school if they accepted you. Early action is nonbinding and is simply sending your application in earlier so that you’d get notified whether you’ve been accepted or rejected sooner.