What are my chances, really?

Hi, I recently applied to Brown and Rice Regular Decision for Fall 2015. I know my test scores and stats may not be mind-blowing, neither do I have an inflated sense of self, but since these universities seem to care about the entire person, I decided to take a chance. My highest cumulative SAT score is 1980 (didn’t take classes) and my GPA is 3.8. I attend the most challenging/ prestigious school in Jamaica, and I’m in the 13th grade (grades 12 and 13 are known as 6th form, after high school). Our school system is more so modeled off that of the British, so standardized tests and high school records aren’t as easy to document.
Anyway, I’ve been committed in my involvement in Art Club, Key Club and Dance Society at my school, as well as dance, competitive swimming and karate outside. I’ve had two leadership positions. I’ve won a few, very small awards for my art as well, and I placed 5th in my country for the English Literature in the CXC Examinations (regional Caribbean exam done at the end of high school). I also got 8 grades of distinction with straight A profiles in these exams. In my regional exams after the 12th grade, I also got distinctions in all my subjects (Math, Physics, Econ, Communication Studies), which are all Advanced Proficiency. So though I am logical at my core and plan to do something in biophysics/ biomed engineering, I’m very good at the arts as well.
So, if you could provide any insight, as past alumni, parents/ friends of kids who’ve been accepted/ rejected, anyone really, what would you say are my chances or being accepted at either schools? These are my two ideal schools.

SAT too low plus you are independent so that would make it a lot harder.

If by independent, you meant to say ‘international’, i’m not. I was born in the US.

@learningiskey‌: I would still consider you an international applicant, since you currently live and are doing your schooling outside the US. You may be a US citizen and still an international applicant.

I don’t chance students, but I will point out that the acceptance rate for students with your SAT scores is somewhere less than 8%. You will really need to stand out in the other portions of your application.

The OP would NOT be lumped into the International student pool in terms of slots allotted. However his/her HS record would be evaluated in the context of the school attended. By fortune of his/her US citizenship he/she avoids the more terrible odds of the International Pool. That being said, even a domestic 1980 SAT scorer will face HUGE odds of getting in. Your angle of being schooled in Jamaica may be an interesting feature. Hopefully something in your rec letters or pers essay catches someone’s attention. Good luck to you.