What are my chances? thanks!

<p>ok here there are, i don't have fantastic stats but i think i have pretty unique experiences:
sat 1510, 720m 790v
went to us when i was 8(im chinese btw)
lived there for four years from grade 3 to 6, no need to mention good grades in elementary school right?
went back to china and finished middle school, top grades again
won a full scholarship to singapore to continue my education
spent 2 years in singapore, am now taking my o levels.
was first in a class of 376 for one end-of-year exam and one midyear exam.
got mostly A1's for preliminary exams that i just took( in case you don't know, A1 is the highest grade in the British O level system)
no special extracurricular activities
played...hmmm....10 years of piano.
thanks for your replie!</p>

<p>are u intl, and do u need Financial Aid?</p>

<p>yep to both</p>

<p>then its very difficult to say, (exteremely unpredictable)
if it makes you feel any better, i'm intl too and need fin aid, and ur profile is better than mine, so hehe i'm screwed</p>

<p>i don't think so. i didn't even do my A levels so i'm considered a bit premature for college application. at least in terms of financial aid and scholarships. oh i also didn't take SAT 2 so...not very good i suppose. stanford is need-blind, isn't it?</p>

<p>for internationals Stanford is not need-blind....:(</p>

<p>we are all screwed!!! i am internationally poor!!! :( my mom and dad together makes about $55G US. and stanford is like wat? 46k/year?? man, i'll never go there without financial aid. I have only a 4.1 GPA on a 5 scale, but ranked top 5 in 400ppl (although no rank was given!!!) I have some ECs and have a 800m 600v, taking SAT II in december, probably average 700-740. what are internationals suppose to do?? First the language test gets me 600v!!!!! and then the pricey school!!!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!</p>

<p>how many schools are you applying to, newby? i think you should apply to a few "safe" schools. i applied to 15 in all. my rationale is that the more schools you apply to(of course there's a limit), the bigger the chance you have of getting either financial aid or scholarship.</p>

<p>I'm also from Singapore!
I got all A*'s and an A for IGCSE's (same as O levels - took 9 of them)
and I am doing IB at the mo predicted 41-45 pts, SAT wasn't that good, 1420, and SAT 2 i got lit - 680, math 2c (which i took even tho i am not adequately prepared as i only do standard level maths coz stanford required it) - 720, and writing 780</p>

<p>no special activities, but i do lots of stuff like tennis, piano, peace and conflict conferences, journalism, charity work, community service, politics course at Stanford, debate etc.</p>

<p>What do you think my chances are?</p>

<p>not aplying for financial aid - applied Early action</p>

<p>to answer vanillaice question, i am Canadian, i am applying to 3 canadian schools, probably get in, they are cheap and good, u of t is ranked 27 in the world! anyway, probably 7 americans. hopefully i'll get in to a school in the top 30. I really wanna go to Duquesne, but it's way too pricey. Anyway, i am looking in to Amherst right now, b/c it offers financial aid to Canadiennes (non french speaker, as you can c) anyway, gl with your apps everyone. In a perfect world, everyone would be accepted, but unforunately, we live in the real world!!! :(</p>