What are my chances? Thanks!

<p>ok here there are, i don't have fantastic stats but i think i have pretty unique experiences:
sat 1510, 720m 790v
went to us when i was 8(im chinese btw)
lived there for four years from grade 3 to 6, no need to mention good grades in elementary school right?
went back to china and finished middle school, top grades again
won a full scholarship to singapore to continue my education
spent 2 years in singapore, am now taking my o levels.
was first in a class of 376 for one end-of-year exam and one midyear exam.
got mostly A1's for preliminary exams that i just took( in case you don't know, A1 is the highest grade in the British O level system)
no special extracurricular activities
played...hmmm....10 years of piano.
thanks for your replies!
oh i forgot, i applied for ea and financial aid.</p>