What are my chances to get admitted?

Hello! I am an international student from middle Asia. IGCSE, but due to the quarantine I can not pass SAT. My IELTS score is 7. Income is low in comparison to average income in USA. Extracurricular activities: volunteering ( children with disabilities, elderly people, ecological) and being part of local TEDx, MUN and so on. GPA is 3.9/4 (I used 10-12 grades, Im not really sure how to calculate it). Also I need financial aid/ scholarship because my family can’t afford paying tuition fees.
And the question is What are my chances to get accepted into Johns Hopkins university? I also participated in Johns Hopkins summer program in 2017. Thats why I really want to get accepted into undergraduate program.
( also what about other universities like Cornell, Lehigh, Dartmouth?)
Thanks for help!!!

JHU is need-aware for international students. That means that they will consider how much it will cost them to have you as a student. 13% of admitted students are international students (169), and 10% of those received financial aid. If by “middle Asia” you mean Central Asia /the -stans that won’t help or hurt.

IRL your chances are teeny-tiny for all of those schools. You are asking them to gift you an education- and there are a LOT of students asking for the same thing. Are THE absolute star in your school? Do you have something about you that really stands out? (more than being what is sometimes called ‘average excellent’ on CC), maybe? but your best bet on getting funding is from (less famous) colleges who want your test scores, and 1) you don’t have test scores and 2) even then getting that much is rare.

Thank you! Then, is it pointless to apply to those universities?

Can you recommend me less famous colleges, please?