What are my chances to get into Columbia (ED)?

<p>Hi, I was wondering if you guys could realistically assess my chances for being accepted into Columbia (for Early Decision). My basic stats:</p>

<p>Freshman grade average: A-
Sophomore grade average: B+
Junior grade average: B+ (I changed schools this year, getting acclimated was difficult, and by my 4th quarter, I had all As and one B) 1 AP class
Senior grade average: A (I am getting all As and one B un-weighted) 2 AP classes</p>

<p>SAT: 1340 (710 Math, 630 Verbal)
President of political debate society
Treasurer of speech and debate
CFO of The Amazonian Relief Program
Board Member of the Young Entrepreneurs Society
Editor of Literary/Historical Magazine
Business Manager of Yearbook (a 40,000 dollar production)
Chairman and Founder of the Raffle Committee (having raised over 5000 dollars for local charities)
I read to underprivileged children once a week through my school</p>

This past summer I worked at a major financial institution in New York City... my recommendation from my boss is gleaming (as he really did like me). He even told them that he offered me a full time job once I graduate from college.</p>

<p>Thee summers ago, I was a Stock Analyst for a large internet start up company.</p>

<p>I am 50% Iranian and am a Muslim (if that helps) and I am a citizen of Iran, along with the US.</p>

<p>I got a 5 on the AP US SAT</p>

Finalist in school wide political essay contest
Cadmian Award (1 year, most school service hours)
Cadmian and Aurilian Society (2 years, for those with many hours of community and school service)</p>

<p>I have not taken my SAT-2s yet... but I expect around a 700 for both Math 1C and Biology, and a high 600s for writing.</p>

<p>I also have a recommendation from an ex-president at an Ivy League school, and who is now a president of a non-profit charitable organization in New York City.</p>

<p>If there is anything I missed, please tell me. </p>

<p>Thank you very much for your time and help,


<p>And BTW... I forgot to mention that I go to a very prestigious private high school (if that helps at all). And we don't rank or give GPAs, which is why I do not have them for you.</p>

<p>pretty please.....</p>

<p>BTW, could you rate my chances to get into these schools:</p>

Johns Hopkins
College of Willam and Mary</p>

<p>and if you could, maybe recomend a few colleges that you think are matches...</p>

<p>Thanks Again</p>

<p>Add NYU to that list please...</p>

<p>damn red sox!!! :p</p>

<p>last bump..... please help :)</p>

<p>Your SAT I is very low for Columbia, ED or RD. You chances are low. Columbia is very competitive even if you are applying ED.</p>

<p>tough call with the sat, but id say 50/50 based on extra cir</p>

<p>Thanks guys...</p>

<p>I am expecting a defferal, hoping that I will do much better in the december SATs.</p>

<p>your EC's look nice, but your grades and sat are low. and your classes dont seem very hard at all. youve only taken 3 AP's. grades and curriculum are the most importnat factors and you have not great grades in a curriculum, that does not seem challenging. id say you have pretty low chances,</p>

<p>I did not mention that all non-AP classes are honors classes (but in english, they dont offer honors or AP).... if that helps</p>

<p>Also, can you guys guage my chances in the schools I listed a few posts above..</p>

<p>For the last two years, around 10% of seniors applied to Columbia from my school, and they all (minus one) got in... I hope I dont break the streak :)</p>

<p>that last post is ridiculous- your school should be shot.</p>

<p>ur ec's/awards will help.. not sure bout sat's tho</p>


<p>I do not have any activities that I do outside of school... I saw that Columbia had a space just for this. Would not having any hurt a lot?</p>

<p>nice ec's, but not spectacular, if you know what i mean. ur test scores and grades are on the low side, esp sat's =/ it's gonna be tough. i'd say.. 15-20% to be realistic.. but you never know! ^^ i wish ya the best of luck.. let me know if you get in! =D</p>

<p>Thanks man... I hope to retake the SATs and get a better score for regular decision...</p>

<p>yeah.. it would really help a LOT if you could get it to maybe 1500 =)</p>