What are my chances to get into Exeter?

<p>Hi, I really want to go to Exeter next year, and I am currently in the application process. Although, I am very anxious and nervous. What do you think my chances of getting into Phillips Exeter are?
I am applying to Exeter, Andover, Choate, and Loomis Chaffee. I am 13 and I am currently in 10th grade. I will be applying for 9th grade. I want to go to a boarding school (especially Exeter) because I skipped two grades and I want to be with kids my own age. I currently attend a small catholic high school. I play soccer and lacrosse, both at a very competitive level. For my high school teams I play varsity and last year I was top scorer for both soccer and lacrosse. I also was 2nd team all conference for soccer, and 1st team all conference for lax. I play ODP soccer and I also play on a premier team. For lax, I was on CT Select and I play up two years for my club team. I took the SSAT last year without preparing, and I did decent, but I believe that it wasn't quite up to par for Exeter. So I have been preparing for the SSAT which I will be taking again in January. In school I am currently taking...
Honors Algebra 2- A+
Theology- A+
Athletic Injury Managment- A+
Biology- A-
Honors Spanish 3- A-
Honors English 2- A-
World History 2- A+
I am also class treasurer, and thats it.</p>

<p>Have you had your Admissions interview? That's the best place to ask this question. </p>

<p>It's almost impossible to answer the question "what are my chances" because it all depends on the make up of the applicant pool and the number of completed applications received. But the person you interview with will be able to answer the question "am I a viable candidate for Exeter?"</p>

<p>Carley8: Try posting this in the Prep School Chances thread. Most boarding school applicants read that. But anyways, your sports are very impressive, and so is the fact that you skipped two grades. That's about all I can say though.</p>