What are my chances to get into these universities as an international IB student?

Hi, I am currently a 12th grade student and I am planning to apply early action to USA universities. I am currently an international student

Here are my current specs:
Photographer for a Club for 3 years
Tri-M Honor Society for 1 year
Writer for School Magazine for 2 years
Eco Service Committee for 3 years
Backstage Crew for HS Play for 1 year
JV Rugby for 2 years
Clarinet Musician Attending Several Conferences (need to audition) for 3 years
Chess Player for 3 years
Part of a Volunteer Club for 3 years
IB student with 4 HLs and 2 SLs
Math, Chem, Economics, English B are HLs
Physics and Korean are SLs

Here are my grades: (Although my last two years of high school used IB mark, I’ll use the unofficial transcript I got to convert them from 7 mark system to A-F)
9th grade:
1st sem: 3.5/4
2nd sem 3.3/4
10th Grade
1st sem: 3.3/4
2nd sem: 3.6/4
11th Grade
1st sem: 5.6/7 (approximately 3.6-3.7/4)
2nd sem: 5.8/7 (approximately 3.7-3.8/4)
12th grade
1st sem: N/A but projecting a 6 (approximately 4/4)

My SAT score is 2020 (620 reading, 750 math, 650 writing)
My ACT score is 29 with essay
My TOEFL IBT score is 105

Here are the universities I plan to apply to:

  1. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  2. Georgia Tech
  3. University of Wisconsin Madison
  4. Purdue University
  5. Penn State
  6. University of Minnesota
    and the rest are Korean Colleges :smiley:
    I’m applying in Engineering Major, specifically Mechanical Engineering and/or Aerospace Engineering.

As a person applying early action to either of my top 3 universities ( UIUC, Georgia Tech, UW), what are my chances and should I apply for them for both early and regular?

Also please do not sugar coat it for me, this is quite serious for me and I need to face the reality.

I forgot to mention these: My SAT 2 Subject tests are Math IIC 780 and Chemistry 740

Well you can’t apply to the same school early action and regular decision, you have to pick one or the other.

UW-Madison doesn’t have early action. But if you apply by November 2 you will get a response by January 31 of admit, deny, or postponed until March 31.