what are my chances to UC?

<p>I'm willing to apply UCB/UCLA psycho major for fall 2007.
Are there any chances? Please give me some advise.</p>

<p>School:Community College in California
GPA: 3.88
Major: Psychology
IGETC: finished by spring
Units completed: 24
Units completed at spring 2007: 60
Igetc: completed at spring 2007
Major Prereqs: completed at spring 2007.
ECs: English tutor for oversea students (for a year), Algebra tutor (1 semester), starting foreign language tutor from October, Historian at Alpha Gamma Sigma club, leader of volunteering at youth center (summer), Vice president of Art club, group leader in Psychology class</p>

<p>You should be fine. </p>

<p>But lol @ psycho.</p>

<p>haha psycho....</p>


<p>Since UCB gives high priority to community college transfers: minor reach</p>

<p>do UC Adcoms still consider your race into the factor of admission for transfers?</p>

Blacks/Hispanics = Better Chance
Whites/Asians = Limited Chance</p>

<p>The UC system does not practice affirmative action so no.</p>

<p>But I heard on the News that UCLA will start using affirm. act. from now on to limit the Asian Population while trying to increase the population of the less-represented minorities. I'm sure they'll start doing it on freshman applicants, but I wasn't sure for transfers.</p>

<p>UCLA can not just decide to start using affirmative action. They did decide to use a different system for their holistic evaluation though.</p>

<p>damn the white man for putting the asian man down.</p>

<p>lol oh yes, because the asians are totally hurting at UCLA. They're only, what, like 40%? Y'all should protest!</p>

<p>i think you have a great shot, i thinks UCB is Match 4 sure</p>

<p>yeah dude. we're called ORM's for a reason.</p>