What are my chances to Virginia tech, Georgia tech, Duke, and Johns Hopkins (in my sophomore year)

Computer science or engineering
Minor in business

Freshman year:
All honors classes (not able to take AP as a freshman)
A 4.0 gpa
Class rank 1/437

Sophomore year:
The first of my sophomore year is tricky, my grandmother died relatively early in the year and I had to miss school for an entire week to go to the funeral and take care of my grandfather. This made my grades go down significantly. To the point I had all c’s. Since then I have gotten them all up to A’s except for honors chemistry which is a high B

All honors and one AP class (AP euro)
3.8 unweighted 4.12 weighted
Class rank 7/467

I know you can’t chance we’ll without these scores but please try
I have taken practice tests and gotten an average of 2100 on the SATs
I’m not sure if I’m going to take the ACTs or not

Junior year plans AP gov, AP biology, AP English

Senior year plans AP American History, AP chem, AP literature

Black belt in taekwondo and went to numerous tournaments and placed within the top 3
Within taekwondo i was in the leadership program and an elite team
Military family I will have to split my high school career into 2 schools
Lived in 6 states and Japan
Varsity lacrosse and team captain this year
Did academic team freshman year and hope to do it this year

I know this isn’t much to go on but any help is greatly appreciated

Chill out, you’re a sophomore.

^^^^^^^you probably knew that that would happen.

If you keep this up though you’ll probably be in VA Tech for sure. I’m not sure about individual majors, but as a whole it isn’t super selective, so you should be good. You’ve got good stats, assuming the actual tests will line up with your predictions.