what are my chances? UCD, UCI, UCLA, UCSB

3.4 GPA (Sophomore-Junior)
Dance team captain
Key Club officer
Treasurer of MECHA (Club that helps voice minorities in our school)
Member of Korean club
Member of Interact club

Personal statements
I wrote about my passion for dance, the opportunities it has given me, family struggles, about my mom who works night and day just to support us, a dad who never worked a day in his life after he brought my mom to America, he never appreciated my mom and always yelled at her, and how I took responsibility and took care of my sister at a young age, learned responsibilities, etc.

  • 1st generation student
  • poor family

Received so far
Supplement questionnaire and request for teacher recommendations (UC DAVIS)

What are my chances? I heard UC Davis never reads essays, so I was surprised when I received this.

Extra info

Last year there were 108 UC applicants at my school. 59 were admitted

my intended major i put was undeclared for all the uc’s i applied to

Basing things entirely off your stats, all four would be pretty substantial reaches. It’s tricky to guess how schools will weight difficult personal circumstances/strong essays, though. At the end of the day, anything is possible. Hope for the best, plan for the worst I guess. Good luck!

Hey thanks so much! Haha I’m hoping for a miracle.

Based on the stats you provided, your scores are extremely below average for all those schools. You need to improve your SAT score by at least 400 points to even be considered. Your GPA is also low, so unless that is your unweighted GPA and your weighted UC GPA is around 4.0, then I’d say your chances are pretty low.

Is that old SAT or the new SAT score? regardless, your GPA would put you in line with riverside and Merced. I would look at cal states, generally people with a 3.2-3.8 fair better at one of the good cal states than the mediocre uc’s imo

it was the old sat

When you look at Naviance, you see how SAT/ACT and GPA weighted the upper UCs are.

The chances are very low. Pretty much zero at UCLA SB and D. Maybe 5% at UCI. You’re just not going to get past the first cut at those schools.

What are your safety schools?

sac state accepted me haha. i shouldnt have put engineering for the csu’s i applied to that was a big mistake