what are my chances?? (UNC)

<p>I am a male senior at a high school in new york and was interested in applying to unc at chapel hill, penn state, boston university, and lehigh.
GPA 96.4 (weighted)
SAT: V: 640 M: 630 (plan on taking one more time in december and getting 1300 if not more)</p>

<p>AP American
AP Chemistry
AP Calculus
AP English Lit
AP Physics</p>

Varsity Baseball (captain)
Varsity Football (Captain)
Math Honor Society (Vice President)
Varsity Club (President)
School Musical (Lead Roles)
Marching Band
Tri-M Music Honor society
Athletes Helping Athletes
Student Council
Thespian Society</p>

Academic all league baseball (10th and 11th grade)
National Honor Society</p>

<p>community service:
Singing Santas
Relay for Life
Jump Rope for Heart
Senior Citizen Prom</p>

<p>I am desparately wondering if i have what it takes to be admitted to these colleges, especially UNC, which i understand is very hard to get in as an out-of stater. Please let me know if i have a chance or what SAT i would need to have a shot. And if you could possibly give me any suggestions for other colleges i would appreciate it.</p>

<p>That SAT is score is from last march so i took a practice SAT today from the SAT book and got a 1430 (V: 760 M 670). Based on those scores would i have a chance at these school.</p>

<p>bump....by the lack of replies does that mean i'm screwed</p>

<p>It'd definitely be good if you could bring your SAT up some...a 1270 is nothing to sneeze at, but only 18% of the freshman class is out-of-staters, and as a result, they are a lot more stringent about who they pick and those few spots are highly coveted. But if you got it up into the 1400 range, that should make you more competitive.</p>

<p>Thanks..yeah i've been working on pulling my SAT's so im hoping i'll do as well as test day as the practices. I visited UNC pretty recently and loved it so im hoping i can get in there. It's not like i've wanted to go there my whole life but if i don't get in i still have BU Boston college Penn state and some others</p>