What are my chances? What more can I do? (Junior)

<p>What are my chances at these colleges (in no order of preference):

<p>Me: white, male junior at a public high school - fairly high achieving school.
Rank: 3-5/450
PSAT: 96 percentile Soph. year. Retook Saturday, hopefully Semi-Finalist
SAT: Guessing 1500-1550 on old....2300 on new</p>

<p>Taken hardest courseload offered.</p>

<p>Intended major: Political Science OR Business OR Science (Undecided basically)</p>

European History - 4
English - Currently enrolled
American History - Currently enrolled
Macro/Microeconomics - Self-studying
Calculus - Senior year
Government/politics - MAYBE
Chemistry/Physics/Biology not offered as AP at my school but I have high interest and knowledge, should I take?</p>

Math Team - Definately captain next year
2nd in state
National Ocean Science Bowl - Captain
Science Olympiad
Community Service Club
Environmental Club
Art Club
National Honor Society/World Language Honor Society
Future Problem Solvers - Maybe Captain
2nd in state 9th/1st in 10th
Hopefully adding JETS and Science Bowl, maybe Swim Team (athletic but not on any school team, misleading)</p>

<p>Community Service:
100+ hrs - Proteomics laboratory - Already have great recommendation from the head of the lab
75-100 hrs - Soup Kitchen
50 hrs - Food Bank
Many small other things and organizing two service projects of my own this year.</p>

BSA - Eagle Scout and ASPL (vice-president equivalent)
Couple classes at Brown - only biological illustration class unusual
Local-level art awards - worth putting together portfolio for non-Art major?</p>

<p>Ok, I think I am forgetting a few things and I have also left out very minor things like activities I did for one year.</p>

<p>I have pretty much no guidance for college right now and I just need a little advice in addition to the chances:</p>

<p>1) What else can I do in general to increase my chances?
2) Any ideas for summer internships would help a lot - with the government?
3) What other colleges in the general Northeastern area would also be matches for me?
4) Any sites that you think could help me since I'm a little lost/confused in this whole thing.</p>

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<p>er...im new here. wat's bump mean? on the other hand, princeton and upenn have a really good economics/business department! upenn's ranked first so you might want to check them out? I know my friend got a summer internship at harvard doing international business. To increase your chances, I'd say find something you really like and focus more on that.</p>

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<p>MIT has a crazy mad awesome Business School now...</p>

<p>Definitely should take the sciences, especially for MIT. And you should take the SAT too, since you haven't and are guessing. Any soph year PSAT scores (numerical) as percentile doesn't say that much?</p>

<p>EC wise, maybe more non school activities, cause everyone can join a club (not saying that's a bad thing), but showing more connections out of school shows you're mature and ready to handle balancing several interests in several areas.</p>

<p>Anyways, start working on your Essays, as those are hard schools.</p>

<p>I'd look to add another safety/ match in addition to Tufts, maybe Vassar? Maybe add Penn, the rest are awesome schools!</p>