What are my chances with my information...

I am looking for some guidance whether or not I will get into the following schools with my information that I will post. If you could help me out with an answer, and possibly suggest some schools that match me, I would very much appreciate it.</p>

1. The Ohio State University
2. University of Connecticut
3. Colorado University at Boulder
4. Depaul University</p>

1. I am a HS senior, graduating 2011.
2. I have played HS volleyball for 4 years.
3. Played club volleyball for 3 years.
4. Voluntarily coached a girls youth volleyball team for two years.
5. Had a job for one summer.
6. Voluntarily coached a junior high/elementary school volleyball camp for 3 summers (9-4 for four days each summer)
7. Was president of Stepping Out Club for one year, secretary one year (club aimed at helping mentally/physically challenged students meet new people)
8. Involved in service club at HS for three years.
9.Cumulative 3.3 - 3.4 GPA.
10. 1650 SAT with writing
11. 21 ACT
12. 3 years honours English, 1 year AP.
13. 5 courses of science. 1 AP (Environmental Science)
14. 4 years of choir at HS.
15. 4 years of math.
16. 1 semester of Fast Track (class aimed at helping struggling students do better in school by peer teaching/instruction.)</p>

<p>If I am missing any information please let me know. I appreciate any help. Thanks.</p>