What are my chances with these stats?

I am in the Top 10 of my school
GPA Unweighted 3.9
Weighted 4.2
Honors classes throughout my whole high school
Senior year I am taking 1 AP class and three of the others are college credit courses
Color Guard for two years
Field Hockey for one year
Journalism, Literary Magazine, Newspaper, Yearbook
Math Honor Society
National Honor Society
Property of the Academic Dept. (a group created by the school for students who keep a 3.65 GPA for all marking periods)
Fishing Club
Homework Club
Senior Advisor of MAC Club
Senior Secretary
RYLA- Rotary International for Teens
In charge of a service project for three counties
What are my chances of getting into Pennstate, Drexel, an Ivy League, George Mason, or Scranton

Need sats or psats and you said one AP class, was that all your school offered or did you just not take the rest?

My SATs had two sections voided due to typos in the test so I have to retake them. The score was 1470. Not my best. My school offers other AP courses but I did not take them. The only other one was AP Bio

A 1700 would make drexel, scranton, and george mason pretty much safeties for you and penn state a match. That’s what you should aim for good luck (: