What are my chances?

<p>I am going to be a sophomore this year, and was wondering what my chances are of getting into one of the "big name" ivy league schools, preferably Harvard, or Yale.</p>

*4.2 GPA
*apart of the JSA (politics) club
*on a private swim team
*am taking 3 AP classes this year and 2 honors class
*am joining band this year
*am taking 1 class online, for a total of 8 classes
*Accepted into the Duke TIP program and took the SAT early as a 7th grader (don't recall if we had the scores saved to my record
*accepted into both IB and AP (chose AP)</p>

<p>Due to certain issues beyond my control, I was unable to get involved in many extra curricular activities a freshman, so I am trying to kick start things this year to make up for it.</p>

<p>Would someone please tell me what my chances are/does anyone have an advice?</p>

<p>During your junior year take a lot of hard courses and do well in them. Get a competitive SAT score and add some EC's and you will have a decent shot. Also, if possible during the summer of your junior year do an internship or do some research at a lab/university/good company.</p>

<p>Far too early, don't make a thread about this until after junior year.</p>