What are my Chances?

<p>I attend a good public high school on the east coast. My weighted GPA is a 4.2 and my unweighted is around a 3.6-3.7, though my school does not calculate unweighted GPA's. I got a 2050 on the SAT and a 31 on the ACT, i plan on improving these scores senior year. I've taken all honors courses with accelerated history freshman/sophomore year and accelerated history and chemistry junior year. I am taking AP Physics and AP Statistics senior year. I play baseball and football for my school and participate in Speech and Debate, Model UN, and the engineering club. I got accepted Junior year to be a peer tutor which I will continue Senior year. I have about 120 service hours from volunteering at a camp, tutoring, and going on a service trip with my Church. For work experience every summer my friend and I have a landscaping business that we run. I also have worked at a grocery store since junior year. I am thinking of applying for business. What are my chances for Villanova?</p>

<p>Your are very likely to be offered admission. I would say match , but not safety.</p>

<p>Nova take your SAT out of 1600 (math and CR), but assuming your 2050 translates well I think Nova is a stong match and I would be surprised if you didn't get in.</p>

<p>Thanks to both of you</p>