What are my chances?

<p>I really screwed up my first two years of high school. During my junior year I got in the IB classes and took 4 extra social science classes (government and economics in adult school, and U.S. history and psychology at a community college). This year I'm still taking IB classes and actually got into the IB program as well. I want to major and earn a doctorate in history, as well as study political science and law.
However, my total GPA is 2.92. What are my chances into getting into:</p>

-Boston University
-American University
-North Park
-St. John's
-UCs (LA, Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Davis, Santa Cruz, Merced)
-CSUs (San Francisco, East Bay, LA, Northridge, Long Beach, Dominguez Hills) ???</p>

-I come from a family of six that makes way below the federal poverty line.
-Work to help family out with financial problems.
-President/founder of a club who's focus is to raise political/economic awareness in the community and fundraising to donate to St. Jude in honor of an art teacher who passed away due to cancer this past summer.
-Take care of the elderly.
-Sergeant of school's first ever drum corp.
-In a ton of more extra curriculars as well.</p>