What are my chances?!

<p>I'm currently a senior, and I need to start weighing my odds at getting into certain schools. I'll compile a short, but detailed list of my high school career so far, and please let me know what you think. I'm currently looking at the University of Richmond, UVA, UNC Chapel Hill, Boston College, Lehigh University, and comparable Universities. My intended major is in business.</p>

<p>Freshmen Year
Algebra 1- A
Honors Science (Earth/Space)- A
Wellness/Fitness- A
Music Theory 1- A
English 9- A
Honors History (African/Asian)- A
Spanish 3- A
Life and Career- A
Software Applications- A</p>

<p>Spanish Club
Freshmen Soccer Team
Two local recreation teams, both seasons
Local travel league for soccer</p>

English 10- A
Business and Personal Law- A
Honors Science (Bio)- A
Honors Math (Geometry)- B
Honors History (Western Civ)- A
Spanish 4- B
Health- A
Introduction to Business- A</p>

<p>Two rec. soccer leagues, both seasons
Local travel league (different one)
FBLA state qualifier (8th place)
NHS inductee
Class Council
International Club
Started a chapter of Key Club International in my school
Attended PFEW (business camp)</p>

Honors Math (Alg 2)- B
English 11- A
AP US History- A (I got a 5 on the exam)
Honors Spanish Seminar 5- B
Entrepreneurship and Corporate Dynamics- A
Honors Chemistry- B
Phys-ed 1- A</p>

<p>Assistant coach for younger soccer league, both seasons
2 soccer rec leagues, both seasons
Job at Red Robin (8-12 hrs a week)
Started Key Club and chartered it/ President and re-elected as President
National Honors Society
FBLA officer/state qualifier for banking and financial systems (Received 4th place in State)
International club officer
Debate club
Get Real Program Chief Operations Officer (Business Department in my school forms a student-run business every year, where students in Entrepreneurship class literally run and control the business until the end of the year).
Currently have internships at local Chamber of Commerce and a local business called A Basket Case/MultiTouch Marketing Solutions. I've worked at the chamber for 6 months and a basket case for 2 months for about 11 hours a week.
Created a business in which I give private soccer lessons.
Qualified for a national poetry contest. I'm currently a semi-finalist.</p>

<p>Senior Year
AP Statistics- A so far
AP History (Gov/Economics)- A so far
AP Biology- A so far
Honors English 12- A so far
Math Analysis- A so far
Honors Spanish Seminar 6 (Taking AP test)- B so far</p>

<p>Currently have a 29 ACT score, 1980 SAT score, and a 730 US History SAT II and 5 on the AP US History exam.</p>

<p>I have strong letters of recommendations from both internships and a school teacher who oversaw me during my the Get Real Program.</p>

<p>Additionally, I was recruited to work at a bank. I accepted the offer and will start in December. I am still doing all the other extracurriculars above, save the internship at the local chamber of commerce and debate club, but add coaching in a soccer league as opposed to assistant coaching.</p>

<p>So what do you think? Do I stand a chance at being accepted into these colleges? Thanks!</p>

<p>I have over a 4.0 weighted, and a 3.75 unweighted and rank in the top 15% of my class.</p>

<p>I'd say that you have a decent chance at UVA. The only thing that I would suggest that you improve on is your ACT/SAT scores; right now you're ranked around the 25th percentile.</p>