What are my chances?

<p>•SAT I: 2240 (CR:730, W:720, M:790)
•Weighted GPA: My school does not do GPAs. However, I have only gotten As and A<em>s in my exams throughout the last three years...
•Rank: Does not rank; I guess top-5%
• O-levels/ IGCSEs: Mathematics, English 1st Language and Literature,Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, French, ICT. Got A</em>s in all of them.
•AS levels: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics. Got As in all.
•Did Maths A-level. Got an A*
•Senior Year Course Load: A level Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Further Mathematics as well as AS level Further Mathematics. Probably will get A/A* grade predictions.
•Major Awards: Did the Kuwait Science Fair for 3 years in a row. Have picked up 1st place, 5th place and 'Most Educational Project Award. Was awarded the Honour Student Prize for outstanding scholastic achievement in the academic years 2005/2006, 2008/2009 and 2010/11. Also is a recipient of academic oriented prizes from the school every year. Participated in Waterloo Maths competitions, obtaining the top score among the participants from my school in the Gauss, Cayley and Sun Life contests.
•Extracurriculars :School Under 19 Cricket Team, Peer Mentor in school’s Here to Help (H2H) programme (unofficial admin) ,Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for Young People (DofE) - AKA International Award Programme,Waterloo Maths Competitions,Peer tutoring.
•Job/Work Experience: Shadowed a nephrologist in India for a month at a hospital
•Volunteer/Community service: Helped out at a school for children with special needs for a week
•Essays: Common App: Pretty good.
•Teacher Recommendation: Probably good
•Counselor Rec: Probably good
•Additional Rec: My research mentor at school will write me one... Probably will be good.
•Interview: Unavailable in Kuwait
I am going to do my SAT IIs next week...</p>