What are my chances????

<p>Yes, but admissions will look at your GPA first and foremost. 4 years of academic progress far outweighs a 20 minute interview, despite what the "Princeton Review" says.</p>

<p>And no one applying to a prestigious university like Rochester is going to be people who were committed of felonies and have bad character. You aren't going to be set out apart from other applicants there.</p>

<p>nj, you posted a thread asking about your chances. A2Wolves6 gave an honest assessment of what he thought your chances were. If you didn't want an assessment of your chances, you shouldn't have posted a chances thread. </p>

<p>Really, all that you've said in your replies is that you wanted something motivational and that you think you can get in for such and such reason -- essentially that you wanted people to compliment your high school career and say that you would get in. That's certainly understandable, and I suspect that half the people on this forum who post chances threads have the same thing in mind, but you can hardly expect everyone to play along, especially when you post asking for chances. </p>

<p>You know, we're not psychic here. Next time you might consider posting under "What is my gratuitous flattery????" instead.</p>

<p>uh ok? thanks i guess Anyone else?</p>

<p>thanks i guess, anyone else?</p>

<p>I got in.......thanks everyone for all the help and advice, you ve given to me in the past few months</p>