What are my chances????


<p>Very Prestigious high school in NJ</p>

<p>Gpa - around 2.9-3.0 unweighted, 2 ap classes (Bio and World) World -A-/B+ Bio -B-</p>

<p>senior year- 2 Ap classes, plannning and WILL get atleast a 3.8 GPa first semester.
Senior schedule
Latin 2
Ap chem
World Lit
Self study ap enviromental
SAT 1300
SAT 2 - 670 bio and 690 math
newspaper- 4 years
MUN- 3 years
Started 2 club- 2 years and 4 years respectively
tennis- 4 years
Indian Violin- 6 years*<em>very unique hopefully , western for 2 years
Ability to read ancient Indian texts, in Sanskrit *</em>unique hopefully
Part of organization raised over $1500 for tsunami relief
Over 150 hours of community service at hospital and 50 hours in other activites
Track team - 3 years
Voluntered as the official videographer for two cultural organizations over the last 5-6 years, and have videotaped and edited about 110 concerts, events etc
Relief work in India, dyslexic children, spent one month, good recs from director of school. Spent about 100 hours there.
Working in a lab for 1/2 year. Good recommendations
IN Total- over650 hours of community service</p>

<p>GREAT Essay</p>

<p>cmon guys..................... give me your thoughts</p>

<p>your gpa is low. I doubt you have 650 hours of community service. But, it all depends on what you want to do. Is 1300 on the old sat scale or the new. If it is on the old, you might have a chance of getting in. Right now, your borderline.</p>

<p>uh thansk for replying, yea my gpa is my only worry, and in fact i have way over 650 hours, i am only putting 650 for a safe approximation. and yes 1300 with cr and math from the new one</p>

<p>Only worry? Your only worry is a HUGE worry. Kids are getting rejected from MUCH less prestigious universities with your GPA. I don't think you are in the ballpark for Rochester, with that GPA. Even with your 1300, that's what you did in one day, on one test. Your GPA is something that shows your work ethic over 4 years. They will see you as a slacker, someone who has the potential to get A's, but isn't.</p>

<p>aight a**hole, if u dont have something constructive to say dont say it, i dont need to hear this kkind of bs. I know gpa is important and all that, but I have not slacked off. I have only concentrated in other areas. And recently I have been much more focused in school, and i had straight A for the second half of junior year, and I have straight A this year as well. So dont run your mouth, and waste my time. All you had to say was I dont think you have that great of a chance or something along those lines, and if you cant do that, dont bother posting.</p>

<p>if he only said he didnt think you had a good chance you probably wouldve asked 'why' anyways. he didnt call you a slacker. he said they, the admissions officers, would see you as a slacker. hes not an a**hole for telling you bluntly that your GPA is too low for that school.</p>

<p>personally though, i think your 650 hours of community service can be a hook and will definitely help you.</p>

<p>thanks for replying chachaxaia, i understood what he was saying, but i didnt like the way he said it. For instance look at your reply, u repeated what he said, but the diffreence was the way u said it .you gave me some kind of motivation ,something that would help, like your last statement. Thats what i intended to point out to the previous post. And i know my gpa isnt close to ROchester's average gpa, thats why i even bother to put up my stats, but I go to a very competitve school, and three people , two with similar stats , all of which got into ROchester last year.</p>

<p>Rochester: Slight Reach</p>

<p>thanks batman............................BuMp</p>

<p>nj - If you are going to post a chances thread, and ask for comments, they will come. You were asking about if you could get into Rochester, and judging from your stats, I don't think you were going to get in. It's a reach, because they accept less than half of their applicants (48%), and 97% of their applicants had GPA's of 3.0 or higher. That puts you in the bottom 3% of applicants, and not being a URM, athlete, first generation at college, or of someone with low income would mean your chances are about that percentage. I only hope you applied to some schools that better fit your profile, and not to go by your SAT/ACT scores when looking at schools. </p>

<p>I'm not going to "give you motivation", when I see it as about the chance of me winning the lottery. I'm a realist, and when you aren't in-range, i'm not going to encourage you to apply and shoot for the top, when it's not realistic.</p>

<p>ur simply repeating what u already stated. I know my gpa is low, but the reason i post all my stats including my eca's is because i want the whole thing to be seen. IMO i have great eca;s, and rochester is a school that is very obsessed with how much interest you show, and I have done basically eveything possible to show interest, from visiting, to interview, to talking to over 25 freshman, 3 seniors and even 3 almuni, and i have written about this in my application. I also have a great relationship with the regional dean, and i sent them my "new" straight A grades from this year, to show them how i have become more academically focused, and still maintaining all my eca;s and have even added a few.And doesnt the fact that three students from my school were accepted last year, and now attending Rochester. And two of them had very similar stats, and didnt show half the interest i have shown.</p>

<p>I'm just going to wish you luck. I don't think you're getting in, but good luck.</p>

<p>k thanks..............BUMP</p>

<p>well, according to princeton review, youre pretty wrong nj. They say that EC's are just considered, as is your standardized test scores, whereas your class rank (gpa falls into this category) is important. Your GPA is below their average, as is your SAT score. I dont see you getting in. Now your gonna reply and ***** to me, because you cant accept the fact that your chances are very slim to get in.</p>

<p>Honestly though, people told me some schools were reaches for me and I still got in. It can happen, but from what you posted I doubt youre in.</p>

<p>Not a bad list...I think that if you can raise your GPA a few points this year (and it sounds like you will) you will be accepted. Congratulations in advance.</p>

<p>To jethro,</p>

<p>According to princeton review
Academic Criteria Importance </p>

<pre><code>Secondary school record Very Important


<p>Class rank Important </p>

<p>Recommendations Important </p>

<p>Standardized test scores Considered </p>

<p>Essays Important </p>

<pre><code>Non-Academic Criteria Importance

Interview Very Important


<p>Extracurricular activities Considered </p>

<p>Talent / ability Important </p>

<p>Character / personal qualities Very Important </p>

<p>Alumni/ae relation Considered </p>

<p>Geographical residence Not Considered </p>

<p>State residency Not Considered </p>

<p>Religious affiliation/commitment Not Considered </p>

<p>Minority status Important </p>

<p>Volunteer work Considered </p>

<p>Work experience Considered </p>

<p>Did u take into consideration, the interview and chracter/personal qualities, is basically as important as grades. And i had an interview, which went really well, and IMO i have good character. I havent gotten suspended, arrested, etc. and I have a lot of diversity and qualities, I can offer the university. and i faxed them my straight A's senior grades and i have a great relationship with my regional dean, and he knows me personally since i was the only one to show up when he came to our school, for a college visit.</p>


<p>I was just stating that your grades are low, thats all. You seem to be very defensive, which isnt good.</p>

<p>i am not trying to just be defensive, i am merely pointing out what u missed, and asking for an overall view rather than just on gpa. Thats all</p>