what are my chances?

<p>I attend an elite private school in D.C. called Gonzaga
I am a senior
What do you think my chances are for the colleges I am interested in?
Gpa w 3.8(no uw at my school
Internships: Medical Clinic, Local politician, and white house
Sports: 2 years varsity, soccer and tennis
Speech and Debate 3 years
Student Goverment 3 years
Service Trip in Dominican Rep.
I want to major in political science
Schools I'm thinking of applying to:
1. Hamilton
2. Villanova
3. Lehigh
4. Lafayette
5. GW
6. Maryland
7. Haverford(Soccer recruit)
8. Occidental(Soccer recruit)
9. Stanford(Connections)
10. Holy Cross
11. Franklin and Marshall
12. Georgetown
13. Penn State
14. BC
15. Illinois</p>