What are My Chances?

<p>Hello, I finished my application to the USNA about a month ago (Dec 27), and I haven't received anything from them concerning qualifications. I just wanted to know when I will hear anything, and what my chances are on getting into the USNA. Here is a list of my qualifications. Thanks</p>

<li>3.6 GPA (High School has an average of 97% of students going to a 4-year college)

<li>No ranking system within school</li>
<li>All honors math classes, AP Calc, AP Bio, Physics I & II, 4 years of Spanish</li>
<li>ACT - 29 Math, 25 Verbal</li>
<li>Lettered in Varsity Hockey 3 times, Captain for senior year</li>
<li>Father is a USNA grad</li>
<li>Received a nomination from local congressman (Still waiting from Senators)</li>
<li>Have a letter of recommendation from a retired Marine Major General</li>
<li>Lots of volunteer</li>

<p>Hi RLourdes,
Your classes that you have listed are great.
Your GPA is good.
Your ACT Math score is ok.
Your ACT Verbal Score is low and may even be below acceptance level. This may be a problem.
Hockey is a great sport BUT USNA does not recruit for hockey -so you cannot use being a recruited athlete to leverage your average math and below average verbal scores on act scores.
If you are an URM that may help.
Good Luck.</p>

<p>Well when I went into my Blue and Gold Officer interview he told me that my ACT scores fell into the average scores of those who were offered appointments. I also just received an additional nomination from a senator so that schould help shouldn't it?</p>

<p>I think average scores are for R.A. and U.R.M.
I think you need to be in the top quartile otherwise.
I hope I am wrong though-my reading score is the same as yours.</p>