What are my chances?!

<p>I applied early to William and Mary and got deferred. What's y'alls opinion on my other schools? </p>

<p>White Male
One of the most prestigious public schools in VA (we have 100+ people with a 4.0 and above)
4.15 GPA, 62/440 rank
AP Scholar With Honor after junior year (the only one at my school) (Scores:US History:4, Euro History:5, Macroeconomics: 4, Microeconomics: 4)
SAT: 2170 (770 CR, 640 Math, 760 Writing, 10 Essay)
National Merit Commended Student
Current Schedule and Grades:
Dual Enrollment Cisco Networking: A+
AP Enviro: A
Honors Physics: A+
AP Government: A
AP English Lit.: B+
AP Stat: B+
Great Recommendations (one from a State Senator/Democratic Candidate for Attorney General of VA who I interned for)
Very Solid Counselor Rec.
I thought my essay was pretty good...who knows...
Young Democrats Vice President and Co-founder
Economics Club Co-Founder
Table Tennis Club Cofounder and Treasurer
President of the Diocese of Southern Virginia Episcopal Youth Community (represents high school kids in a 40,000 person diocese)
Four years of Varsity Tennis.</p>

<p>What are my chances at:
W+M (i'll just throw it in for kicks...think i've got a shot for spring?)
Miami OH
University of Mary Washington
University of Richmond
Brown (haha...right)</p>

<p>Please help me out....throw in "accepted/rejected" if you'd like...</p>

<p>Definitely in at American, Miami, UMW, Richmond.
Probably in at UVA (instate)
Brown is obviously reachy.</p>

<p>Is the gpa weighted or unweighted? For ED decisions, Virignia seemed to set the bar at 3.8 UW. Of course, RD could be different.</p>


<p>please help me out!</p>

<p>UVA: Match
W&M: Slight Reach
American: Safe Match
Miami OH: Safe Match
University of Mary Washington: Match
University of Richmond: Match
Brown: Reach</p>

<p>I think you have a good shot at W&M for the spring. Good luck!</p>