What are my chances?

<p>Unweighted GPA: 3.15
Weighted: 5.03</p>

<p>ACT Composite: 24 English: 21 Math: 20 Reading: 31 Science: 22 E/W: 21
SAT: 1560 Reading: 570 Writing: 550 Math: 440 (470 on retake) </p>

<p>Senior out of state
Multi-racial (asian,black, white & native-american)</p>

<p>I've transferred high schools 3x</p>

<p>I'm looking to double/triple/major/minor in: International Studies, East Asian Languages and Culture: Korean, and Drama/Theatre.</p>

<p>Applying on rolling basis</p>

<p>Current/Past Courses:
AP Human Geography
AP World History
AP Psychology
AP Government and Politics
AP U.S. History</p>

<p>English 1 Honors
English 2 Honors
English 11 Academic
AP Language and Composition
AP Literature and Composition</p>

<p>Introduction to Physical Science Honors
Biology 1 Honors
Chemistry Honors
AP Biology</p>

<p>Algebra 1 Honors
Algebra 2 Honors
Geometry Honors
Math Analysis</p>

<p>AP Macroeconomics (online)</p>

<p>Latin 1
Latin 2</p>

<p>Chinese 1
Chinese 2 (online)</p>

<p>Harp 1
Harp 3
Music Theory 1
Music Theory 2
Required P.E. class
Creative Photography
Creative Writing
Law Studies
Philosophy Honors
Personal Family/Finance
Food Preparations
Drivers Ed.</p>

<p>Your chances are not great, but okay. The GPA and Standardized Testing score hurt you. URM should help a little, but the grades and scores just aren't to par. If you could retake the ACT/SAT again I would highly suggest it.</p>

<p>you have a pretty decent shot. not much you can do now. your definitely in the bottom quartile but they have to accept some kids in the bottom quartile. good luck</p>