what are my chances?

<p>Hi, I am an international student ( I am from west-Africa) and I have the firm intention of getting into Stanford. It is now over a year that I have been in the US, and I am currently attending a Community college. It is only now that I found out that Stanford accept only 1% of their transfer candidates, but I still want to apply.</p>

<p>My concern is that unlike most american I have very little volunteer hour ( around 6hours)
I have not been in a club, during my high-school years ( we do not have such things in our country) in sum, I do not have a furnished resume like most pretenders.
I only have my academic achievements: I currently have a 4.00 GPA; for our national exam, I was ranked first of our city ( the capital of our country).
I speak french, english (obviously), Arabic and understand a little of german. I know it is not enough but I am trying to get more involve, by doing community services, joining clubs.....
So do y'all think it is a loss quest in advance or I should try my luck?
Any advice is more than welcomed!!!</p>

<p>I think you have a shot! They will take in consideration your background and context of your situation. I would do extremely well on essays to compensate in lacking areas.</p>

<p>Have a trusted English professor proof-read your application essays. I can tell from your thread that English is not your first language, so this will be very beneficial to you.</p>

<p>@Nihility is right too (:</p>

<p>Don’t worry about not volunteering! Where else did you apply?</p>

<p>thx, for giving me hope. I have not started my application but I was thinking about stanford harvard and another UT Austin in Texas. I have a preference for Stanford because of the weather ( i’m not sure if I can handle boston’s weather) and also because it is not located in a big city… I really like the school!</p>